How does Ultraviolet Light work?
UV-C Light works by inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria, viruses and fungi. UV-C light deactivates these microorganisms by damaging their DNA.  
Has it been tested?
Yes, UV-C light has been used in water disinfection since 1910 and has had significant research demonstrating its effectiveness in deactivating bacteria, viruses and fungi in drinking water.
What happens to germs and bacteria in the bottle, Is the water filtered?
The Smart Bottle is a water purification system. UV-C light is blasted at 260-280 nanometres inside the bottle when your cap is activated to break down bacteria and viruses at the DNA level, rendering them inactive and preventing potential growth, giving you the confidence to ensure your water is safe to drink. The Smart Bottle is not a filter and does not remove any physical particles from the water.
Does my Smart bottle eliminate heavy fluoride or heavy metals (contaminants)?
No, chemical contaminants are not removed from UV-C light.
Does it change PH levels or make water alkaline?
No, UV-C light has no effect on pH levels. There are no chemical reactions occurring. UV-C provides no acid or base change.
Can it change the taste of water ?
No, UV-C light does not affect the taste of water. No chemicals changes are occurring to induce a flavour change.
How do I activate a cleaning cycle ?
Simply tap 3 times on your touch screen lid to activate a cleaning cycle, this will take around 240 seconds.
How to charge my Smart Bottle ?
Remove the silicone waterproof ring from under the lid and attach the USB connection.
How often should my Smart Bottle be charged?
Depending on usage, your Smart Bottle should hold charge for up to 40 sterilisation cycles.
What material is the Smart Bottle made of?
304 stainless steel.
Is it safe to drink from a stainless steel bottle? 
100%.  It’s preferable to drink from stainless steel cups because they’re non toxic, recyclable, and won’t leach chemicals or odours.
Can I put other drinks in my Smart Bottle?  Tea, Coffee or Wine?
Yes, you can. The Smart Bottle is perfect for all of the above as it maintains the temperature of your favourite beverages. If you do choose to use coffee, tea, or wine, please be advised to wash the bottle with warm soapy water to remove any staining promptly after each use.
Does my Smart Bottle keep my beverage cold or hot?
The Smart Bottle will keep cold water chilled for up to 12 hours or hot for up to 24 hours.
Can I put fizzy drinks in my Smart Bottle?  
It is advised to not fill your Smart Bottle with carbonated drinks as it can cause damage to the seal of the bottle and, after all, swapping your soda for H20 is the go.
Can I put ice in my Smart Bottle?
Standard ice is ok to be used in your bottle, dry ice is not advised.
Can I put Alkaline water in my Smart Bottle?
Yes, you can put alkaline water in your Smart Bottle and it won't impact the efficacy of the UV-C LED technology, nor will it impact the acid levels in alkaline water.